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Analytics is about using data to frame questions and define a set of hypothesis. By analysing existing data and potentially augmenting with other data sets, insights can be attained that show a range of behaviours & trends for different data groups such as Products, Customers or Processes. The analysis can highlight causality in data sets, reveal data networks or highlight data gaps.

We use data mining and predictive modelling techniques to target customers with better communications and make marketing more profitable.  Understanding your customer behaviour is essential for business success. If you know which marketing channels are profitable and which offers work best with different segments, you’ll achieve better results. We will help you to forecast your customers’ requirements based on the data you hold, therefore increasing customer satisfaction.  

E-Byte uses a host of predictive modelling techniques to identify patterns across data sources. We use data, advanced analytical techniques and cutting edge technology to create insight and ideas that help you make the perfect connection with each and every one of your customers.
We merge digital, call centre and transactional data to get an inclusive view of customer interactions and preferences.

Our analysts look beyond the obvious to allow you to create a joined-up strategy, where customers are given the best experience at the right time. This makes your marketing more profitable and allows you to fine-tune the services you deliver via marketing initiatives.

Some of the Analytics Services

Marketing attribution is a data science approach to measure the importance of each piece of marketing activity in driving results. The analysis uses granular data to measure the contribution of each channel in single and multi-touch journeys that led to a sale and assign value to each marketing activity.

We work with you to help meet requirements like:

* Understanding customer journeys to conversion
* Accurately quantifying the impact of your Display advertising
* Optimising ROI/CPA across the full customer journey
* Optimising marketing spend

Our data scientists shape attribution projects around your specific business model, customers and operating conditions. This is combined with a detailed exploration of all your available data and a ground up transparent approach to finding your business truths.

Attribution modelling is perhaps the holy grail of analytics. Which digital media channels are preforming best and driving sales?  We look at “big data” at a granular level to understand the user journeys of your customers and where conversions are coming from.

Depending on your industry, service and product, a customer’s decision might be relatively fast and conversion funnel simple or it may be complex and winding, with many more touch points to take into account. 

We give you an accurate assessment of channel impact, giving you the control to adjust where you spend your budget and optimise performance.

MM modelling looks at the impact of offline media channels including high-reach media such as TV, radio and display. We also take into account the external influences of seasonality and competitor activity on your performance.

We look at data from a longer timeframe than just attribution modelling, therefore creating a predictive sales model to measure the correlation of channels/media weighted against sales.

We also measure campaign success and forecast future performance using “what if” scenario planning to set optimal spend levels.

Combining the use of econometrics and attribution gives you valuable insights to inform your entire marketing strategy and ROI across channels.

We help you to increase campaign response rates by using statistical user data to predict those users or subscribers most likely to respond positively to a particular campaign.

Historical data shows how sub-segments have previously responded. You can then decide which customers are best to target with a particular product or offer whilst understanding which marketing messages are working and the best time to serve various user groups.

These models can be continually refined in order to grow loyalty and provide the best customer experience. With large datasets, even a small increase in positive response can yield high monetary gain.

At E-Byte, we take a joined-up approach to optimisation with commercially savvy consultation, investigative analysis and advanced data science.

For us, optimisation is much more than making cosmetic tweaks to a landing page in the hope of gaining a little uplift in conversion rate. We believe optimisation is the systematic, proven improvement across all customer touchpoints and data streams, using robust data and appropriate testing to validate the right changes.

The outcomes will be quantifiable and sustained; a smoother customer journey, a personalised experience, long term customer value and increased revenue but ultimately business growth.

Great design is rewarding. If something looks good, is intuitive and works effectively, you will use it frequently, productively and it will become a part of your everyday life.

Our data scientists use agile technology such as Qlik and Tableau to process vast data sets, capture the relevant information for your business or a particular job, and turn it into interactive visualisations and translatable automated reports.

Next, we create dashboards that are vibrant and pleasing, practical and easy to read. Data is democratised across departments, valued and compelling.

Data science isn’t just about structure and modelling; a key part of the data science purpose is to make data accessible and quickly actionable for those that need it company-wide, making business intelligence a more collaborative experience. Our approach to data science helps you to illuminate the data that’s you’ve currently got and glean new insights into its relevance.

Now that you have a clearer map of where you are, we can help you to explore with confidence by engaging in scenario-based planning based upon predictions you can rely on.


We offer the following services



BI vendor specification, selection and procurement
BI implementation end-to-end
BI reporting



Dashboard / Report design
Dashboard / Report development and testing
Visualisation tool specification
Visualisation tool selection
Visualisation tool procurement



Analytics vendor specification
Analytics vendor selection
Analytics procurement
Predictive analytics and segmentation
Customer analysis and profiling
Self-service customer data visualisation
Multi-dimensional segmentations
Exploratory analysis
Demonstrations and proofs of concept
Social media sentiment analysis
Influencers and network analysis
Data augmentation and insights 
Text mining and root cause analysis
Operational demand forecasting
Customer experience modelling
Propensity and Predictive modelling
Customer current and lifetime value optimisation
Margin analysis and pricing optimisation
Value and propensity campaign optimisation
Campaign effectiveness
Next best action campaigns and delivery


Our services are usually tailored to suit unique environments, which vary from organisation to organisation. In this regard, if you may need further clarification on the scope of work, service or training, feel free to contact our friendly support team.

Email: info@e-byte.co.zw
Blessing: +263 772 569 226


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