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We have ample experience with the handling of complex data

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As a data company we have built our reputation over the years on our skills and expertise in Data Management and can provide hands-on technical skills or offer advisory services.
This involves defining the data strategy at Enterprise or even application level, determining the applicable policies and governance through to executing a data management approach. The execution process itself can include migration from applications using ETL capabilities as well as data cleanse and consolidation. We are able to provide data management, reporting and analytics services by addressing five key areas that comprise the core aspects of any data issue in a way that creates a rich and intrinsic view of the depth and complexities of any data set:

STORE (Data storage)
SOURCE (Data sourcing)
SHAPE (Data shaping)
STRUCTURE (Data structuring)
SUSTAIN (Data maintenance and insight).

Our Data Management services include: 
  1. Defining data strategy 
  2. Data architecture assessment & strategy
  3. Data governance assessment & strategy
  4. Data security & privacy
  5. Data migration & cleansing
  6. MDM strategy & solutions
  7. Data warehousing strategy and delivery
  8. Data preparation (ETL, data integration, data quality)
  9. Data migration (governance & execution)
  10. MDM and metadata solution
  11. Analytics/BI implementation
  12. Data Warehousing delivery
  13. Project and Programme management
  14. Data modelling for capital and impairment requirements
  15. Data modelling for forecasting and stress testing requirements

Data Transformation

We live in a world where billions of data points are captured each day. E-Byte understands the difficulties organisations face with multiple competing, truncated and siloed data sets. Valuable data increasingly sits across a number of platforms and tools and there is a plethora of APIs for grabbing data from different systems. 

Every data transformation project we undertake has one core goal in mind: increase business value. Our data and technology scorecarding system ensures we are correctly prioritising based on true ROI rather than solely on ease of deployment. We work with you, your technology vendors and your 3rd party agencies to help build out a Data Strategy road map.

Our qualified software engineers build robust, reliable and repeatable processes for extracting, transforming and loading data across your various data systems. This unlocks regular, joined-up and efficient access to your own data sets while future proofing for new tools, data sets and technology advancements.

Data Integration

Whether your tools live within the same “cloud” as each other or not, achieving solid integrations between digital analytics tools, testing tools, data management platforms, customer relationship management systems and content management systems is often technically challenging. Fortunately, we have the technology skills to help.

We are experts in identifying, designing and delivering on data integration and automation processes. We make sure to reduce the risk and effort of manual processes and employ systems that provide reliable insight direct to your desk. E-Byte offers technical consultancy across a wide range of projects including:

Fully managed services: we take full ownership of the process and delivery of your data back to you as actionable insight, giving you full transparency of the storage, processing and accessing of your data backed up with formalised SLAs and enterprise-level support

Cloud-based delivery: cloud technology offers unparalleled scalability which we harness to plan, design and deploy the tools your business needs to make data driven decisions.

In-house: our qualified software engineers can sit with your in-house IT, risk and development teams to feed back our years of experience on data projects.

Our people bring an agile mindset and methodology to all of the data initiatives they work on. This ensures continuous, valuable delivery throughout the lifetime of the project to give you actionable insight now.


Our services are usually tailored to suit unique environments, which vary from organisation to organisation. In this regard, if you may need further clarification on the scope of work, service or training, feel free to contact our friendly support team.

Email: info@e-byte.co.zw
Blessing: +263 772 569 226


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