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  1. On-Premise Training - Our on-premise training courses are designed for the complete beginner, as well as for those who have used previous versions of the software. We currently provide regular training from our offices in Harare. To ensure that high quality and responsive learning support is given to each participant, we only take a very small class with a maximum of 8 participants. Therefore, it is important for you to register your interest early to secure a place.!
  2. Client Site Training - We can as well bring the training to your organisation on request. Please do contact us to further discuss your needs. We can develop contextualized programs, tailored to suit your use-cases, or needs and objectives.
  3. One-on-One Tailored Training - E-Byte Training and Consultancy also provides one-on-one tailored training for individuals who require it. This can be delivered in three ways: either in-person face-to-face sessions, or remotely, over the internet. The training we provide is tailored to suit your specific needs, at a time convenient to you and the trainer. If you choose a face-to-face training session, it will take place either at our offices, or at your preferred venue. The online session is delivered via GotoMeeting Citrix Online conference software in a secured and private online meeting room. In the latter case, all you will need will be an uninterrupted internet connection with headphones, or otherwise, a telephone. You will also need a working copy of the software installed on your computer for training, direct from your computer.
  4. University Class Teaching - We deliver classroom lectures to graduate classes in universities. Usually, this is a 2 or 3-hour teaching session. This service is open to all tertiary colleges and universities, as and when they require expert trainings. The ideal class size should normally be not more than 20 attendees; however, we understand the need for flexibility with university clients, so the limit can be opened to accommodate the capacity of your computer lab. Where distance is a problem, we can deliver an interactive tutor-led class via online meeting room, where your students can login and join the class.
  5. Consulting - On Client Site - We are also happy to come to your site and work with your project team. In this case, you will receive a true tailored service, responsive to your specific project needs. This service is designed for your in-house research team(s) working on one or more project. With this service, you will enjoy the benefits of a mix of teaching, drafting your coding framework, team discussion and facilitation. These sessions will allow you to learn the strategies for managing and working with your data sources. You will also receive dedicated teaching to use the tools offered by your desired software package(s), responsive to your own project over the duration of the consulting, teaching and facilitating the team work. For some researchers, an intensive approach to their data analysis is the ideal choice for them - to be away from their daily routine and focus on the project at hand; and like a boot camp, work on your own data. You will come out with every team member knowing what to do to complete the project in a painless and cost-effective way. One other great advantage of this option is that we come to your site, so you save money on travel and accommodation.
  6. Learning Support - In addition to the above options, we provide phone and email support to encourage attendees to use the software. Two weeks after training participants are contacted via email to ensure that the skills learnt are put to use and also to resolve setup and implementation issues they may have. Each attendee is given a copy of the workbook, for future reference.


1. ISACA Exam Training

Training for Exam Window 2: February 1-May 2018
Exam: 1 June–23 September 2018

Training for Exam Window 3: June 1-September 2018
Exam: 1 October–24 January 2019

Training for Exam Window 1: October 1-January 2019
Exam: 1 February–24 May 2019

2. Quantitative/Qualitative Data Analysis Training

Quantitative Data Analysis
Platform: SPSS, STATA, Minitab, EpiInfo, SAS, R, GenStat
Mode: Weekly Classes; Individual, Group & In-house Workshops

Qualitative Data Analysis
Platform: NVivo, Atlas.ti, MaxQDA, Dedose, SPSS Text Analytics
Mode: Weekly Classes; Individual, Group & In-house Workshops

Business Intelligence
Platform: Depends with System you use in-house
Mode: Weekly Classes; Individual, Group & In-house Workshops

Your trainers are seasoned and highly versatile, certified IS auditing, IS security and IS governance experts, along with data scientists, data architects and BI professionals with over 10 years of solid experience in solving enterprise data assurance issues and analytical problems. They have significant and traceable enterprise experience with the design and management of large enterprise data, as well as developing data analytical databases from complex data sources, building and securing large-scale distributed data processing internet systems, predictive analytics, metadata modeling, multi-dimensional analytics, and experience with a range of big data architectures, including Hadoop and other big data frameworks. 

Our experts are very competent with a large range of data engineering systems, including, but not limited to: IBM InfoSphere DataStage, IBM InfoSphere Information Server, IBM Netezza, IBM PureData, Teradata, Vertica, Greenplum, Apache Hadoop, HDFS, Cassandra, Storm, TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau, DB2, SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, Informatica PowerMart, Informatica PowerCenter, Talend, SAP, Cognos, Microstrategy, Pentaho, Informatica Power Analyzer, IBM Cloud, EC2, Elastic MapReduce, Citrix, VMware, SQL Plus, SQL Loader, Oracle DBA Studio, ODBC, DB2 Utilities Suite, STATA, SPSS Statistics, SPSS Modeler, SPSS Analytic Server, SAS, R, Matlab, Nvivo, Atlas.ti, Linux, UNIX (Oracle-Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX), Intel servers, 3COM servers, HP Blades ML/DL/SL, IBM x86 Servers, Dell PowerEdge, Java, Apache C, C++, Visual Basic, Perl, J2EE, .NET, UML, Python, among a host of other systems and architectures.


Our services are usually tailored to suit unique environments, which vary from organisation to organisation. In this regard, if you may need further clarification on the scope of work, service or training, feel free to contact our friendly support team.

Email: info@e-byte.co.zw
Blessing: +263 772 569 226


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